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In 2014 we added a hands-on program especially for Alzheimer patients which
gives seniors the opportunity to play and explore musical instruments

Studies all over the world show that music and playing an instrument has a fascinating impact on our brain activity.

Claudia Lemmerz, also the pianist of the Moonlight Duo, believes in giving everybody the opportunity to experience
musical instruments and brings violins, cellos, harps, Glockenspiel and drums into senior home to let the residents
get their hands on instruments they might have played in the past or always wanted to try.

This program called "Instruments Petting Zoo" has brought excitement and joy to the seniors and
has left many staff members astonished of what they were witnessing.

The picture speak for themselves. Moonlight Serenade is hoping to be able to offer this program on a regular basis in
2015 besides presenting fine classical music in senior residences, nursing homes and for independent senior groups



The Wallerstein Foundation for Geriatric Life Improvement
The Thickman Family Foundation
Martin Alloys Corporation
Morris Arts
The Puffin Foundation
The Fraentzel Foundation
and other generous private supporters