Moonlight Music



Mountain Lakes, Wayne, Bloomfield, Clifton, Montville, Roseland, Short Hills
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This 1 hour on-site workshop introduces and encourages preschool teachers to use
classical music in their classrooms. Many studies have shown how
important it is for young children to hear classical music and get exposed to it in different ways. Including classical music in your preschool classroom has a variety of impacts. It will support the daily classroom routines as well as create group awareness amongst the children and much more.

Using classical music in preschool classrooms will help children to adapt more easily to daily routines, to express themselves, to experience their own feelings and to connect socially to peer and educators.

Our lives are over stimulated with all kinds of sounds. Tuning in to classical music provides comfort, relaxes mind and body, and creates a peaceful setting for children away from home.

  • Conveniently held at your facility with no extra costs
  • Included are a variety of hand-outs and music samples
  • Certificate of Participation

Special Introductory Rate  $ 180.00 for a group of up to 15 teachers.
For more info and availability please contact Claudia Lemmerz at or 973-220-9785